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Innovative Employers is a coalition of like-minded employers who have aligned themselves for mutual success - by sharing resources, ideas and opportunities.

During these difficult economic times when others are only seeking survival, the members of Innovative Employers are preparing for the next great economic surge by perfecting their processes, improving their efficiencies, nurturing their employee / customer / supplier relationships, and building the strength of their workforce so they can increase market-share and maximize profits as conditions improve.

welder__smaller_449Our mission is to help you build a better business.

We can help
you build a winning organization by empowering you with -

  • Higher expectations of what is possible,
  • Alerts to changing laws & regulations,
  • Exposure to what is working for others,
  • Awareness of new technologies and services that can help improve your operational efficiency and effectiveness,
  • Answers to questions when you need them most from a variety of experts, and
  • Resources including check lists, tips, guidelines and all types of training for your executives, managers, supervisors and workers.

Together we can help you achieve the best results possible.

















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